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Life tracker is a neat journal you write to yourself with the 2023 calendar. Remember: To-do-list is definitely not only for your work, and it is not only for your work and your family, but it is also for yourself. 


PDF document with side hyperlinks to all the Months

  • works excellent on all note-taken applications (Goodnotes, Notability...)
  • you can also print it out yourself



3 design templates for each month (You can copy and paste as much as you want)

  • Quote (Inspirational and motivational quotes to cheer up yourself)
  • Notes (Great to have a space to write a short note, critical point, shopping list, or dairy)
  • Blank (Perfect for you to attach some pictures or do a draft of an idea or art plan)


You can always contact us at if you need any help and questions about it.  We will be there for you! 



Digital Journal Planner

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