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A website for ENTREPRENEUR is a place for you to PRESENT either you or your brand and COMMUNICATE with your potential customers who are either strangers, acquaintances, or regulars (Target group).


They could be anyone who saw your video, see you talking, or just a glance at how you look (PR /marketing). They saw your website link (CTA - Call to Action) and think to get to know you a bit more.


Then how do you want to impress these new visitors?


  • A messy room scaring them away?

  • A show-off wall displaying all the fancy life you have and awards you got to get people curious, at the same time, keeping them suspicious about who you really are and whether you are really worth it?

  • An empty room which is nothing interesting to see?

  • Or a clean, stylish room and easy guide tour showing them step by step who you are, what you are working on and how you contribute to helping others?


During the process, they could pick up a book, tool, see a course, or any small things you made (lead magnet) to know a little bit more about your skills, knowledge, way of communication etc. Meanwhile, you also got a chance to know who they are and see if they could be the ones you can help with.

If they love your appetizer, they will continue and be more curious about what other things you have. They got a chance to take a closer look (CTA-click) at them and read through all the details (service/program/product/information& sales page) and even other users’ comments or experiences (testimonials) about it.


Then realize there is one they like best, they

  • either will buy it (CTA-purchase) directly;

  • or will ask you more questions (CTA-free consultation /Q&A/ Contact) about it or just put them on the waiting list (Subscription form) if the product is not ready or the course didn’t start yet.


If your package is too big while super attractive, they could feel difficult to carry or too much to pay all, it will release them if they saw the option of instalment payment (payment plan) or a lighter version of doing everything online (online program).


Remember! Your purpose, as a host, is to be a good guide, and be there when they need it so as to create a great visiting experience (user experience).

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